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Our Services

Bedrooms / Living Areas / Hallways / Stairs

Beds Made, Carpets Vacuumed & Floors Mopped, Trash Emptied, Furniture Dusted, Stairs Vacuumed, Upholstered Furniture Vacuumed, Window Sills Dusted, Picture Frames Dusted, Glass Tables Cleaned, Mini Blinds Dusted, Lampshades Dusted, Knick-Knack Areas Dusted, Ceiling Fans Dusted, Mirrors Cleaned, Light General Straightening, Cobwebs Removed


Bath Tubs / Showers Cleaned, Mirrors Cleaned, Floors Mopped / Carpets Vacuumed, Shower Doors Cleaned, Window Sills Dusted, Trash Emptied, Sinks & Vanity Cleaned, Mini Blinds Dusted, Cobwebs Removed, Toilets Cleaned Inside and Out, Chrome Fixtures Cleaned & Shined General Dusting

Kitchen and Eating Areas

Counter Tops Cleaned, Cabinet Exterior Cleaned, Mini Blinds Dusted, Wash/Dust Table & Chairs, Refrigerator Exterior, Rubber Seals & Air Vents Cleaned, Floors Mopped, Small Appliances Cleaned,  Dishwasher Front Cleaned, Trash Emptied, Microwave Cleaned, Inside & Out Sinks Cleaned & Chrome Shined, General Dusting, Stove Top / Oven   Exteriors Cleaned, Window Sills Dusted, Cobwebs Removed